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Not Making Enough Money

As hard as you try, you just don’t seem to be getting ahead with your business financially.

Feeling Overwhelmed

There’s so much to do, you feel like you’re spinning your wheels but not getting ahead, not sure what the next best step is.

Struggling To Find New Leads

You feel like you’ve tried everything but your marketing just isn’t working or bringing in enough new clients.

Want To Feel Supported

You’d love to meet and connect with a group of like-minded dynamic girlfriends that run their own business as well.

Ready To Step-Up

You’re ready to be seen as a successful business-woman, you just want to be shown a proven strategy to follow.

You're Passionate

You love what you do, offer your clients amazing value and they love working with you! You just wish you had more of them.

… don’t worry, you’re not alone.
So many female business owners have these exact same struggles.

Success leaves clues. And successful businesswomen know they don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, they seek advice from experienced teachers and mentors who can show them a better way.


The best 2-day marketing conference for women that Perth has ever seen. This one event will change the way you do business forever.

Confidently Convert More Clients… AND Passionately Grow Your Business

Don’t miss this chance to spend 2 days with local and international industry experts, female business leaders and entrepreneurs in sessions detailing exact and proven strategies that are being used to elevate businesses throughout the world.

At the Inspired Marketing Mastermind you get access to our experts, live Q&A, unparalleled networking opportunities and priceless information.

This is an exclusive event, seating is VERY limited, and this event will sell out. Do not miss this once in a lifetime chance to accelerate your path towards your business and financial goals.


Over 6 modules you will:

1. Gain the confidence and business tools you need to create a financially abundant business.

2. Get concrete advice on how to reach your dream clients/ customers.

3. Get detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to create the exact content that connects with and helps convert more sales.

4. Learn the blueprint to create Facebook ads that get big results plus walk away with cheat sheets and bonuses to help you implement.

5. Learn sales strategies that convert, in a ‘non-salesy’ manner.

6. Have a 90-day step-by-step plan that will help to increase cash flow, confidence and clients

Plus you’ll leave with an upgraded business mind-set that will propel you into action!


We’re going to teach you exactly how to release the mind blocks that have been holding you
back from reaching business success and financial freedom.


You KNOW you’ve already got an amazing product or service. We’re just going to show you
exactly how to align your Business with the customers that WANT it and NEED it most!


You can stop relying on family, friends, or countless blog posts for Business & Marketing
advice. We’re going to directly connect you with Industry Experts that can guide you to
success, through sharing their experiences, success stories and the proven steps to marketing


You will learn how to connect with your inner genius and how to allow your unique voice to
create compelling content that connects deeply with your ideal client.


We’ll help you create an elegant business model that optimises client conversions and
provides you with multiple income streams. You’ll also learn the latest productivity hacks to
save you hours in your business each week.

PLUS… You’ll also get these amazing Bonuses!

  • Instantly go in the draw to win one of TWO Bali Holidays
  • Your chance to win a branding photoshoot package
  • There’s over $5,000 in prizes and giveaways throughout the event to win
  • Business Analysis Tool (valued at $97)
  • The Content Creation Master Plan – A Step by Step guide to create content that connects with your ideal client.
  • Productivity Planners – Beautifully designed day, week and monthly planners to keep you across your top priorities and implementing what’s important.
  • Facebook Ads cheat sheet bundle – so you can immediately create effective Facebook Ads that convert (valued at $197)
  • Access to full-length interviews with our speakers and special guests – stay inspired listening to the insights from thought-leaders, next level game changers and successful entrepreneurs as they give you practical tools to elevate your business and life


Tenille Bentley business success women marketing Perth event

Tenille Bentley

Transformational Coach, International Speaker, Author, Conscious Business Leader

Tenille is a well established thought leader who has been recognised by the Australian Prime Minister with ‘The Australian Leadership Award’ which is only presented to 20 people in Australia, awarded the ‘Australian Financial Review Top 100 Australia’s Women of Influence’, State Finalist in the ‘Telstra Business Woman of the Year’ and inducted into the Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame. Tenille is also a credited and experienced board director.

Tenille will:

  • share ground-breaking content and draw on her experience from building one of the largest multi million dollar social media agencies in under 2 years
  • share her secrets on what it takes to succeed, from receptionist to a multi million dollar business
  • explain the faculties of the mind – mind mastery and how to apply it in business and life
Joel-Brown-Addicted 2 success

Joel Brown

[pre-recorded interview]
Founder of addicted2success.com and Addicted2Success podcast

With heart and hunger, Joel Brown built addicted2success.com from scratch to be the #1 motivation site in the world. His Addicted2Success podcast has reached over 1.2 million podcast plays and downloads and his social media following is over 2 million.

Joel has worked along side some of the greats in business, motivation and spirituality, including Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Tim Ferriss, Gabby Bernstein, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Simon Sinek and more.

Via pre-recorded interview Joel will be sharing:

  • how to build a million-dollar brand online
  • the secrets to marketing success
  • how to overcome fear of failure
Renee Kacz speaker author business coach women inspiration

Renee Kacz

International Speaker, Author, Business Coach

Renee urges her clients and followers to make limitlessness thinking and expectations about themselves their responsibility and obligation. With her no-nonsense approach, Renee shows them how to rise above out-dated myths and limitations to achieve true freedom for themselves.

Renee is a former lawyer and accomplished entrepreneur. She draws on her experience in law, finance, marketing, business coaching, her passion for limitless living and helping her clients to create financially abundant businesses. Renee is also the founder of women’s business networking group the Inspired Women of Perth.

Renee will be presenting on:

  • how to create the psychological foundation for success: Renee will share how to overcome the #1 obstacle that prevents most people succeeding
  • the strategy every business owner needs to know to connect with an abundance of potential clients
  • blowing your mind with the step-by-step “How To Formula” on doubling your productivity and leveraging your time

Duke Sayer

[pre-recorded interview]
Self-awareness and Energy Coach

Duke works with high level CEO’s, business owners and couples who have tried everything else and are now looking for the truth to release anything that is stopping them from
reaching their goals and living a life on path.
Duke will share how he built a highly engaged social media following that connects with him with an abundance of his exact ideal client. You’ll also learn how to leverage social media to share stories, tools and techniques that connect you with your clients.


Jessica Tutton

Facebook Marketing Expert and Founder of Envy Media Management

Jessica is the founder and owner of Envy Media Management, helping small business owners achieve great results through Facebook Marketing.

Jessica loves sharing her knowledge of powerful Facebook Targeting Strategies and Sales funnels with her students through workshops, one on one training sessions and through her recently launched online course ‘Master the Art of Advertising on Facebook.

The results she has been able to achieve for her clients are undoubtly impressive!


Elliott Combes

Business Growth Strategist & Performance Consultant

Elliott future proofs businesses to advance their current model by identifying gaps and utilising undervalued possibilities. He will explore where others fear to go and by combining this with a leadership style that stimulates critical thinking, he reveals overlooked opportunities and brings them to life.
Elliott will bring a powerhouse energy to the stage and share his Top 5 Marketing Tools you want to be using in 2017 to not only get out there, to GET AHEAD. Known to be relentless in his pursuit of excellence, be ready to step up and play all out when you’re in his audience!


Mark Landon

[pre-recorded interview]
Motivational Speaker, Founder of Arkworld

Mark has an impressive history of sales success, at 21 he was one of the top earners in a network marketing company. Disillusioned with that company and through the tragedy of losing his father to cancer, Mark made it his mission to launch a company focused on helping people improve their health so that other people wouldn’t suffer like his Dad did.

Mark has built Arkworld into a multi-million dollar business and international brand. Mark will share his non-conventional sales strategies that allow you to connect with your ideal client in a way that solves their problems and they never feel “sold to”.


Simon Mitchell

Founder Network Marketing Mastery

Simon’s passion is to help business owners create the life of their dreams through conscious choice, ownership and FUN! Simon works with over 17 Network Marketing companies around the world, across four continents and predominantly women. With a direct, open and honest approach, Simon will share with you how he built the business of his dreams, impacting thousands worldwide, the biggest challenge you need to overcome as a business owner and why a bike has been his greatest life lesson!


Vanessa Nguyen

Digital Content Creator, Social Media Consultant

Vanessa is the resident writer and designer of all things digital at The Small Business Lounge, a place dedicated to providing guidance and support to small business to ignite their dreams and succeed. She works closely with clients to produce dynamic and realistic social media plans that hone in on their target audience, and ensure that their impressions turn into leads.

Being born into the digital world and writing blogs since her pre-teen days, Vanessa is passionate about teaching others the importance of relevant content. She’ll explore the way language can be used to sway potential clients to not only purchase your product/service, but to also engage with them and build a trusting relationship.


Day 1

8.00 Registration
Ambrose Estate, Wembley Golf Course
200 The Boulevard, Wembley Downs WA
8.45 Event start
Session 1 Creating the Success Mind-set
Learn the practical tools to set yourself for success each and every day
Session 2 Understanding Your Market
We delve deep to intimately understand your dream client/ customer forming the foundation for all your marketing
Session 3 Optimising Your Sales Funnel
To increase client conversions, customer satisfaction and make sure you’re not missing out on sales
Session 4 Content Creation
The 15 stories you need to be telling your audience, and step-by-step how to do it
Session 5 Keynote with Tenille Bentley
What it takes to succeed, from receptionist to multi-million dollar business
Session 6 Sound Journey Healing
With Tenille Bentley
5.30pm Event Close

Day 2

8.30 Doors open
8.45 Event start
Session 1 Keynote with Simon Mitchell
The biggest challenge you need to overcome as a business owner
Session 2 Time Saver Tools and Hacks
Learn the latest tech tools to save you hours each week
Session 3 Creating Facebook Ads That Get Big Results
Learn the step-by-step blueprint to create Facebook ads that get your business big results
Session 4 Sales Strategies that Convert
Learn how to connect with your audience so they’re buying from you without using cheesey sales tactics
Session 5 Creating your 90 Day Plan
This is where the magic happens! We bring EVERYTHING together into one, step-by-step plan for you to
Session 6 Q&A with our speakers
6.00pm Event Close

This marketing and mindset overhaul is perfect for you if…

  • You’re a female business owner, and you’re passionate about the products and services that you sell.
  • You know your product or service provides value, but you just don’t know how to reach your clients and market your business effectively.
  • You know you have the potential for greatness, and you feel aligned and on purpose. You just need guidance and direction on how to achieve it.
  • You’ve previously held yourself back from failure, by limiting your ideas and your potential, and now you’re ready to take that leap of faith.
  • You feel overwhelmed and alone with your business and marketing decisions, and you want expert advice and guidance on the best way forward.
  • You’re hard working, enthusiastic and willing to work in order to achieve results.
  • You’re wanting more like-minded friends and a positive circle of influence.


If this is you, then you’re going to love this event, and we’re sure you’re going to achieve great results.


Our exclusive 2-day conference is being held at the stunning Ambrose Estate. The venue boasts a state of the art function room overlooking 300 acres of parkland and stunning views of the Perth city skyline.

We know what it’s like to be burned. To be over-promised and under delivered.
That’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee.
If at any time during the 2-day Inspired Marketing Mastermind event you feel like you
haven’t received your money’s worth, we offer a full no-questions-asked refund policy.

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